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related products

Basket recommendations

basket recommendations

Personalized recommendations

personalized recommendations

Directed Edge for E-Commerce

Directed Edge boosts your sales by analyzing data you're already collecting — purchase histories, click histories, product ratings and turning that into:

  • Related products

    Customers who bought this also bought... or Customers that viewed this product also viewed...

  • Basket recommendations

    We think you'd also like... — based on contents of the shopping cart.

  • Personalized product recommendations

    Welcome back, we think you'd like...

Directed Edge for Shopify

  • 5 minute, super-easy integration
  • Billing integrated with Shopify

Directed Edge for Social / Media Sites

Directed Edge analyzes your social graph data to give your site:

  • Friend recommendations

    People you might know...

  • Personalized content recommendations

    Pages that your friends like...

  • Similar content

    Show additional articles users are interested in

  • Ad targeting

    Ads being clicked on by similar users