Directed Edge for Shopify

Feature-rich, with loads of available recommendations types:

  • Related products: Shows products that are related to the product currently being viewed by the customer
  • Shopping cart recommendations: Shows products related to those currently in the customer's shopping cart
  • Product bundles: Shows bundles of two products that can be purchased together in a single action
  • Personalized recommendations: Shows personalized recommendations to returning customers
  • Top products: Shows a list of the top products in your shop
  • Recently viewed products: Shows the customer the list of products that they've recently viewed
  • Related to recently viewed products: Shows the customer a list of products that are related to the ones that they've recently viewed

Super-easy configuration interface:

Check out our screenshots to see how easy it is to configure Directed Edge recommendations for your shop. You simply drag the type of recommendations you'd like to see on your product, cart and landing pages into the active set and save and boom the recommdations will appear on that page on your site.

Customizable appearance:

  • Easy to use graphical interface to decide how you want the recommendations to look on your site. You can choose the image size, orientation, text, colors, borders and more in our easy to use settings panel.
  • Raw power full Liquid customization which lets you customize the apps appearance any way that you'd like, using the same type of templates you use on the rest of your site.